Edward Stout


It was 1963, I had just started secondary school at the age of twelve.  Our music teacher was Mr Alf Springate who also ran the school photographic club.  He inspired me and many other boys to delve into the wonders of photography.  Fifty eight years later and I’m still passionate about photography and always keen to learn more.

Having spent more than 38 years in the Royal Air Force I have been lucky enough to visit many countries around the globe allowing me to see the world in a rather unique way.  I believe, always, that a good photograph can freeze a moment in time.  I’m sure that has been said many times before, however, it also means that one must always be prepared for that moment.  This is why I always carry a camera of one sort or another.  Camera phone, GoPro Hero 9, Canon M6 Mark II, Nikon Coolpix P310.

Another passion of mine is scanning, restoring and colorising, when appropriate, old photographs and colour slides.  This has been a big part of a project to produce a photo-book of my family history.  For this I use the full suite of Affinity software.