I’ve been interested in photography for around 30 years and my first SLR was a Canon AV-1. Back then being a motor racing fan most of my photos were either of motor racing events or typical holiday snaps when not at the race track.

Photography took a bit of a back seat when I got married and had two children but I ended up getting back into it again with the digital age starting with a Kodak bridge camera. However after realising it’s limitations I then bought an entry level DSLR with the Nikon D3100 plus a couple of lens to help me improve my skills. I’ve since upgraded my camera to a D7000 and even more kit, to give me more versatility to the type of shots I can take and create.

The photography I’m most interested in is Street Photography, to me it’s what I call human wildlife photography – you never know what you’ll see and when it will appear. And since doing some model photography (studio and location) my interest in that genre has grown as it’s been very inspirational to work with a model to produce some creative images.

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