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Hi I’m Alan – I am proud to have been one of the founding fathers of IMAGEZ. The club grew out of a old and long established club (Bedgrove & Weston Turville Camera Club). This closed in late 2000 and was transformed and re-launched in 2002 as IMAGEZ. To this day it continues to maintain two of its core values which are ‘to learn’ and ‘be creative’

I have been a keen photographer for well over 25 years and in that time owned several cameras, gained academic qualifications, won trophies and held various club offices. I am also privileged to be a judge for the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs.

I do not specialise in any particular field or topic but prefer to keep my eyes and mind open to everything and anything that I find interesting. I am always changing , I recently threw out my DLSR and gone high-end compact – it has re-invigorated my practical interest.

My style is, so I’m told, challenging, simple, crafted and thoughtful (whatever that means!). My biggest motivation and driver is to improve not only my photography but that of others.

I love challenges – the best thing a new member can say to me is “Hello my name is ‘xxxxx’ and I’m not very good at photography!”


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